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We are a MOBILE Professional Dry Ice Blasting Service with routes in San Diego, Orange County, Riverside County, Palm Desert and more!


About Us

Experience the Future of Cleaning

Welcome to CryoBlast Clean, where passion for precision meets a legacy of mechanical mastery. As a family-owned and operated dry ice blasting company, we bring a lifetime of mechanical knowledge and over 40 years of combined expertise in the exotic car industry to redefine the standards of industrial cleaning.


Our founders, with a wealth of experience accumulated over four decades in the exotic car industry, have honed their skills and developed an acute understanding of the intricacies of high-performance machinery. This unparalleled expertise positions CryoBlast Clean as a leader in the field, uniquely equipped to address the specific needs of delicate surfaces and intricate machinery that demand the utmost care.

We take pride in utilizing cutting-edge dry ice blasting technology, a method that not only ensures thorough cleaning but also minimizes environmental impact. As automotive enthusiasts ourselves, we recognize the importance of preserving the aesthetic and mechanical integrity of your valuable assets. Our process eliminates the use of harsh chemicals and abrasive materials, providing a gentle yet effective solution for the most intricate surfaces.

At CryoBlast Clean, we are more than a service provider; we are a trusted partner in the preservation and maintenance of your investments. Our team is dedicated to delivering unparalleled results, backed by a passion for perfection and a commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

Whether you’re a classic car collector, a manufacturing facility, or a business with complex machinery, Cyroblast clean is here to elevate your cleaning experience. Join us on a journey where precision meets passion, and let us redefine the standards of cleanliness for your most cherished possessions.

Why Our Solution?


No Secondary


Non-toxic &


How it Works

Kinetic Energy

The kinetic energy generated by Dry Ice particles effectively eliminates surface contamination upon impact.

Thermal Shock

The rapid freezing and thawing of both the particle and the surface result in the expulsion of contamination.


Upon impact, dry ice undergoes rapid expansion, increasing over 800 times its original volume, and subsequently sublimates to swiftly eliminate contaminants upon contact.


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